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ReBuilding America Together Is the only way to bring about the changes that MUST take place.

This Election is the most Important election we will ever vote in. It is a true battle for the Heart and Soul of our Country. It is a true Battle for our Civil and Constitutional Rights that the GOP and GOP Extremists at the local, state, and Federal Level are trying to Legislate away. They have not just declared war on women, they have declared a War on All Americans. From attacking women saying that we cannot make our own decisions on Healthcare to the SCOTUS striking down parts of the Voting Rights Act allowing States to change their voting laws to make it as hard as they can for minorities, seniors, young adults among others to get to the polls and vote, They have cut hours, early voting days In an attempt to sway the elections because they know they cannot win on their own nor on their merit and honesty.

In the following pages I will be explaining the True FACTS that the GOP and the GOP Extremists Do Not Want You To Know, because they know that if you knew the truth you would never trust or vote for them again. They along with Fox News have twisted the facts and told Lies about everything, led on by extremist like Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity to name a few. It is Time that you Know the truth.

I have watched as the Republicans and their TeaParty Extremist made a calculated decision to put their Hatred for President Obama ahead of the needs and well being of the American people and our Country. It is because of this... Enough is Enough!, The Time for change is Now, and We Should never forget how the Republicans have used Race, Bigotry, Hate and Obstruction by REFUSING to pass much need bills, Never allowing any bills to be brought to the floor for debate or even a vote, Once again violating their Constitutional Oath and Duties, which in turn have hurt the Citizens of Louisiana, and the Country.

Remember 2010..." NEVER AGAIN "